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Central University of Jammu signs MoU with ISRO to set up Satish Dhawan Center for Space Sciences.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) signed a MoU with the Central University of Jammu (CUJ) in Jammu and Kashmir state for setting up of the Satish Dhawan Center for Space Science in the University campus. This is the first of its kind institute coming up in Jammu and Kashmir and the building is proposed in an area of about 1,150 sq. m.

Space Sciences is a multidisciplinary subject which involves basic sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, planetary science, mathematics, atmospheric sciences, geography, space engineering and even space law.

The Space Center will help in tapping the potential of Space Applications for the region of J&K in various fields like disaster management, health, education, communication, weather forecasting, land use planning, etc. This would provide an opportunity to the youth of the region to contribute to the field of space science as well as to the nation. He further said ISRO is dedicated to the mission of utilizing space sciences for the benefit of mankind as envisaged by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Prof Satish Dhawan, the founding fathers of ISRO.

The area of space applications is of particular interest to J&K and the larger Himalayan region as its economy and habitations are affected by vegetation cover, forest area, snow, landslides, avalanches, groundwater, cloud cover, atmospheric conditions etc. which can be easily monitored from space through remote sensing. Considering the recurring natural calamities in the region, a requirement of strengthening ground-based observational capabilities of this region for weather and atmospheric research is also of utmost importance. The setting up of this Center will take care of the emerging Geospatial and Space Technology requirements for the development of the region.

The Satish Dhawan Centre for Space Science at CUJ will have facilities for Geospatial Data analysis that will help in the sustainable use of natural resources and planning land-use pattern. It will have ground-based observations for Atmospheric Studies, a research lab for astrophysics, Atmospheric Sensing and Glacier studies Lab for better use of the large quantity of water stored in the form of seasonal snow, ice, and glaciers in the rivers of North India. Apart from this, Disaster Management Center will also be set up here that would be able to take up research in the area of different disasters like flood, Landslides, forest fires, drought, and climate change.

The establishment of Materials Sciences Lab for space applications as a part of the Satish Dhawan Center for Space Science at CUJ will be another outstanding feature of the Center where a special focus will be to synthesize and design new sensors and materials for space applications.

As part of outreach, Research and Development, awareness creation, training and skill development, ISRO has also started many other activities like setting up of Regional Academic Centers (RAC), Space Technology Incubation Centers (S-TIC), setting up of ISRO Chairs and Space Technology Cells in various parts of the country.

Source – PIB.

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