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BSE Institute and IIM Lucknow to jointly offer Advanced Management Programs

BSE Institute Ltd. has collaborated with IIM Lucknow to offer a part-time course for aspiring business leaders.

IIM Lucknow has recently collaborated with education wing of India’s premier stock exchange, BSE Institute Limited (BIL). The prestigious b-school is planning to offer financial management and international political courses through the collaboration.

The aim of the programme is to impart leadership skills in aspiring business leaders and encourage innovation. This the Advanced Management Program (AMP) will offer a world-class educational experience through joint research and student exchange initiatives between BIL and IIM Lucknow.

Both BSE Institute and IIM Lucknow endeavor to provide a world-class education to the students through collaborative programs. In addition, the collaboration will also lead to opportunities for the joint research and student exchange programs between the two institutions. It will provide excellent opportunities to professionals who aspire to an optimal learning environment, with a diverse peer group, and a global, lifelong network of trusted connections.

The Advanced Management Program is built on an Integrated Module Approach, incorporating action learning methodologies which are further divided into multiple modules. These methodologies reflect real business challenges, directly derived from real life scenarios. Keeping the hectic work schedules of most of the business leaders in mind. The Advanced Management Program is designed to sharpen critical thinking skills and hone leadership capabilities and provides insights into International Political Analysis, and foster’s leader’s ability to build and sustain a successful enterprise. The program is spread over one year focusing on building leadership skills, innovation for aspiring leaders and is a life-altering and career-changing program, designed to accelerate personal and professional growth. Through a fully immersive format, Advanced Management Program will completely change the way participants and their companies do business.

In a statement released by IIM Lucknow, the Chairman of the programme said that the collaboration with BSE Institute will help the students in the finance and economics domains to get hands-on exposure in the Indian stock market. The total program for Advanced Management program is Rs 2,89,100 inclusive of GST. The applications for the course are closing on 25 April 2018.

Source – Press Release

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