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Tech Mahindra partners with MOOCs provider edX to re-skill workforce

Learning is a never-ending process. At different stages of life cycles, say from the age of 40 to 50, employees would not prefer a ‘back-to-college’ training from the HR department. In an era when technology and processes are constantly changing, MOOCs come as a breather as the new way to learn. MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses are distance education degrees with similar credit score offered from Top B-schools. In India itself, all major universities like IIMs, IITs and IISCs offer online education through MOOCs on government portals namely NPTEL or SWAYAM.

MOOC is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to advance his or her knowledge and better prepare for life’s challenges. What makes MOOCs special than degrees? MOOCs are mostly free or reasonably priced to apply. With to-the-point syllabus, MOOCs aim to deliver skill development. As per research conducted by an independent third party HR agency, more than 70% of Indian graduates lack employment potential. It is also found that bookish education is common in all major Indian universities, thus adding to lack of skills.

More and more Indian corporates are looking towards personalised training courses to hire efficient personnel. Recently, Indian IT giant, Tech Mahindra announced its partnership edX provides MOOCs on major topics like IoT, AI, VR, Cloud computing etc on its platform through universities like Harvard, MIT, IIM Bangalore etc. With this partnership, Tech Mahindra aims to re-skill all of its 1.17 lakh employees in India and abroad. This would give the employees competitive edge and knowledge in IT trends like Blockchain, IoT, precision technologies etc.

Over the last few years, edX has witnessed 96 per cent growth in its Indian learner base with India constituting 11 per cent of the edX learner base overall. According to a recent report by EY, commissioned by Ficci and Nasscom, the IT-BPM sector is expected to be impacted the most by digital and automation trends with 70-75 per cent of the jobs in 2022 requiring new skill sets.

Any student or aspirant who completes MicroMasters program on edX portal along necessary requirement will get a job interview opportunity at Tech Mahindra. With the government push on Skill Development and MOOCs, Indian firm is now started recognizing the potential of self-learning. Readers are advised to try MOOCs in their favourite subjects on any of these portals – NPTEL, SWAYAM, edX etc.

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Chaitanya Kulkarni

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